Man Suffers Bleeding in His Brain After Assault in the University District

Man Suffers Bleeding in His Brain After Assault in the University District

May 26, 2010|Posted in: Uncategorized

Last Friday, around 2 a.m., Seattle police and fire responded to an assault call at the corner of NE 50th and University Way, according to a police report. A female witness told officers that she and her male friend–the victim in this case, and also very intoxicated at the time of the incident–were waiting at the aforementioned corner when “a red vehicle with two large black males drove up and began yelling at them, ‘why you gotta knock over my brother’s sign?!’” They were referring to a knocked over sandwich board for an eatery in that area. The witness claimed that the sign “had already been knocked over before they had arrived and they didn’t know why they were being blamed for it.”

At this point, the victim started yelling back at the two men in the vehicle, and “a heated verbal argument ensued.” The driver stopped the car, and the victim walked over and kicked it. The witness told the officers that “the two suspects [then] jumped out and began punching the victim. Then they picked him up and slammed him head first into the pavement. He was knocked out on impact.”

Although the report does not indicate whether the assailants got back into their car, or took off on foot, they were said to have fled westbound on NE 50th. Police conducted an area check, but were unable to locate the two men. The reporting officer said he contacted the eatery that was listed on the sandwich board, but the owner “denied having any employees that own a red car or had recently gotten off shift.” He further adds, “[t]he owner was not very forthcoming with information and gave the impression that he knew more about the suspects than what he was telling police.”

The report concludes by stating that the “staff at HMC reported that the victim would survive, but had bleeding in his brain.”