Product Review: Rounderwear’s Jam Beat Trunks

August 19, 2013|Posted in: Uncategorized

I’m not one to spend copious amounts of money on underwear. In fact, I typically go well over a year before I buy new ones. It’s just not my thing; I’d rather spend money on food! That being said, when I was contacted by Rounderwear offering me a free pair of the underwear of my choosing I figured “why not?” So here I am with a fresh pair of underwear, specifically the Jam Beat Trunks (in blue). This was the much simpler choice for me. The other line of underwear that they offer serves to enhance your ass size, something that I’m not particularly interested in doing; I’ve learned to accept the fact that I just do not possess an ass. Moving on.

My basis for comparison is the boxer brief from Gap, as those are what I’ve been wearing for years now. The Jam Beat Trunks are definitely a softer kind of cotton, and just as stretchable as the ones I usually wear. The waistband, however, is too big (in terms of height, not length) for my liking. When one has a gut, such as I do, one typically wants to have a smaller waistband. At least that is my own preference. I’m sure that if one has an amazing body (specifically the torso region) then it’s not a problem.

The sizing was a gamble, as they do not indicate what waist sizes are implied for each size (small, medium, large). Seeing as how they are, indeed, trunks, I played it safe and requested a medium size. I have a 30/31 waist, and the waistband is just slightly too big for me. The rest of the trunk fits just fine. Perhaps I will have to wear them over to a guy’s place and see what he thinks.