Public Transportation: Why I (Sometimes) Hate Something So Useful

Public Transportation: Why I (Sometimes) Hate Something So Useful

April 6, 2014|Posted in: Uncategorized

If you’ve never had to use public transportation then lucky you! You’re probably well-enough off to afford your own car or you have a friend who’s awesome enough to drive you everywhere. So long as you don’t make him wear a chauffeur hat then you’ll probably always be friends, so good for you!

In any case for the rest of us who have had to at one time or another had to use city buses there are a few things I’ve noticed with some alarming regularity. You see, I lived in a city with great public transportation for a while, and at first I was excited to be able to transport myself back and forth without having to own a car (since I don’t) or mooch off friends all the time (I still did sometimes). The first week I got to all my stops fifteen minutes early and pleasantly chatted with the people who were rubbing their groggy eyes like I was. My complex had a bus stop right outside it, so I was golden. It only took five minutes to walk to the stop in the mornings! How exciting.

Of course the charm quickly wore off. One of the things I started noticing was that people who talk at bus stops are typically people you should avoid talking to in a general sense. So I got a little more surly. If you use stops regularly then you know how little that helped. People still talked to me even though I grunted or had earbuds in every day. So I bought bigger, brighter, greener headphones and occasionally bobbed my head along to a beat. Sometimes the beat was imaginary because I didn’t want to listen to music, but I definitely didn’t want to talk to anybody either.

The other thing I noticed was that people seem to think that their bag deserved as much of a seat as a living, breathing human being. Protip: a bag isn’t the same as a person. Move your things onto your lap. Don’t be that guy. When a bus gets crowded you’ll feel the angry stares of a dozen people boring lasers into the back of your head if you don’t move your stuff.

This isn’t to say I hate traveling on public transportation. I loved reducing my carbon footprint and not having to be awake or sober enough to get from point A to point B. On the other hand, getting my exercise by running down buses as they’re leaving the stop is definitely not something I miss.