Where Did All the Socks Go?

August 11, 2014|Posted in: Uncategorized

Running a household may seem like a fun way to wear an apron and host dinner parties, but what never gets reported is the daily phenomenon that happens in our own homes. The same items always go missing, there is an abundance of what we don’t need, and it’s so predictable that we know it’s going to happen before it ever does. Let’s talk about a few of these occurrences.

In my house there are always missing socks. The smaller the sock the more likely it is to go missing. I have taken to buying all of the same color and kind of sock for each person so that when one goes missing you don’t have to worry about the one sock you’re inevitably left with being lonely. I have checked the washer and dryer to no avail. There are always one of each of my two year old’s socks in my car. No matter how I try to explain to him that one sock per foot is important he always seems to lose just one. Maybe one day we will figure out the sock situation.

Socks may be bad, but the laundry situation is just mysterious. How does one small person accumulate a mountain of clothes in what feels like minutes? Laundry for a toddler is never ending. He’s spilling his drink down his shirt as I type this. He weighs a little over thirty pounds and I wash at least one load a day. It just does not mathematically add up. The more children you have the more exponentially your laundry mountain will grow. I feel bad for families with ten children. The washer and dryer should learn to run itself at that point.

No matter how fast I wash the dishes there are always more. Have you have felt accomplished that your sink was empty just to turn around and notice the coffee mug on the sofa table or the pan still on the stove from dinner last night? Dishes are truly never ending.

I understand that you have to live, but with the amount of dishes that I have to clean, the missing socks that I have to search for in the mountain of laundry when do I have time to do anything else? Someone really needs to address these small issues so that running a household can be a more pleasant experience. I would love to have time to dirty a glass with wine and not worry about the shirt I will inevitably spill it on.