The Best Things in Life are Outside

The Best Things in Life are Outside

September 9, 2014|Posted in: Uncategorized

A friend of mine recently got a job offer out of state and a two week notice to move everything that she owns to a whole new city. This would seem terrifying if she wasn’t such an optimistic person. Instead of frantically packing and tying lose ends together she wants to enjoy the two weeks while spending as little money as possible. We are only two days in, but we have only spent three dollars apiece and gas.

Day One

We took her dog and my toddler to a local trail where we went on a five mile hike. Along the way we found two bridges, a hill with built in steps, two bodies of water that we walked next to, and a bunch of people that stopped to admire the dog or toddler. We sat on a bridge and watched twenty turtles sun bathe. There were ducks walking around which brought on a round of Old McDonald, and we saw a giant white fish. We took plenty of pictures, got our days’ worth of exercise, and made plenty of memories she can take with her when she moves. We only spent the gas that it took to drive there.

Day Two

I had a babysitter this day, so we took our friend with us and went to our city park and rented bicycles. It was only three dollars for an hour and we could ride anywhere that we wanted. We decided that we would have a scavenger hunt while we rode around the trails and talked. The goal was to find as many animals as we could. We found two large and one baby deer, a squirrel, some birds, and I won by almost running over a black snake. We talked about things that were happening with us, our friends, at work, our futures, and had a lot of laughs. The hour went by entirely too fast, but we plan on going back a few times before she leaves. The only down fall was our legs felt like jelly after an hour on a bicycle.

We are learning that activities outdoors are cheap, and require us to have conversations and ultimately a good time. It helps that we have so many activities that we can take part in near our homes. She will still have to pack boxes and do all of the other mundane activities before she leaves, but she will at least know that she made the experience a positive one before she left.