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Apr 23

April 23, 2018


Creating an Environment that Profits Everyone

Seems like every time I get an urge to write in this blog anymore, I am starting off with “I’m not a political guy, and this isn’t a political blog” … which would tend to make my readers (all seven of you) start to wonder if perhaps the opposite wasn’t closer to the truth. But the fact that certain issues have become political hot potatoes under the current regime doesn’t negate the fact that they are still important issues; frankly,…

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Apr 2

April 2, 2018

two 3d humans with empty chat and idea bubbles

Quality Content and Quality Conversation

I met this guy over the weekend (no, not in a bar; we were at the Collaboration Fest Craft Beer Festival in Denver. Which I suppose is kind of like a bar. But not really. Anyway …). He’s an internet marketing consultant who lives over in Oakland and went to school near Loma Linda. I learned this in the first five minutes, because those are the ice-breaker type questions one usually asks within five minutes of meeting someone. The idea…

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