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Sep 28

September 28, 2018


7 Inspiring Quotes from Smart Women

I’m actually a little surprised at how many of the quotes I live by came from women. Insert gay joke here. Honestly, though, I’m really not sure being gay has anything to do with it. Maybe I read more? That seems a little, what? Sexist? What is the opposite of misogynist? Frankly, just about any reason I could ascribe to it–women are more caring, women think deeper, whatever–ends up sounding like I think there is something inherently better about women…

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Sep 17

September 17, 2018


Ho Ho Ho for the Holiday$

So this past weekend I found myself shopping in a major retail store (I won’t tell you the name, but it rhymes with Sprawl Mart…) and as soon as I walked in the door, I got hit with a massive display of Christmas decorations. My first thought when seeing that (well, actually my second thought: my first thought was “Why did I come here, again?”) was something along the lines of what you’re probably thinking right now: “Are you kidding…

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